We invite you to join us on an unforgettable journey to West Africa;

a land rich in history, culture, where people are noted for their warmth, friendliness and hospitality.

Visit virgin beaches, historical sites, bustling markets, amazing wildlife parks and forest reserves.

Come, experience cultural drumming and dancing that will touch your very soul in it’s intensity.

Come, relax, enjoy and have the experience of a life time.

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Burkina Faso has gone by several names. A former French colony, it gained independence in 1960. It is populated by over 60 ethnic groups which includes the Mossi, the Fula, the Hausa, the Bella, the Dogon and various Bobo tribes. The capital of Burkina Faso is Ouagadougou which has become famous for its biennial film festival FESPACO, attracting thousands of people from Africa and all over the world.
Burkina Faso including Ghana and Mali 
Land Tours invites you to a tour of Ghana, Burkina Faso and Mali. Your journey will be an overland adventure from Ghana through Burkina Faso to Mali. In Ghana you will experience the colourful and rich culture and historical sites. The landscape will be the beginning of uniting with mother earth as you enter into a land that is un-touched by industrialization and technology. Here you will experience the real Africa. The people of Burkina and Mali will provide another feast for your senses which will be different from everything you will have experienced. Burkina’s charming capital city, Ouagadougou speaks of another world, place and time its Sudanic and Islamic influences. And finallu you will arrive in Mali; where Timbuktu, the world’s first center of learning is located. From where the music we call the Blues originated. And ah Dogon Country a place the people have kept their culture intact for hundreds of years.
Burkina Faso Including Ghana
This is a tour fashioned for the adventurers at heart; it starts and ends in Ghana, commonly referred to as the country of Gold, which isn’t a far cry from its former colonial name Gold Coast. During this tour we will walk through time as we wander through 15th century slave castles. After which we will be made to test our feet on one of the four tree top canopy walkways in the world, for the faint hearted there is an optional rainforest trek through the forest floor. A visit to Ghana will be incomplete without a visit to one of its prestigious ethnic groups (Ashantis), here you will try your bargaining skills in some of your local stores. Keep your eyes open for some of the beautiful hand woven Kente material that is sold here. As you drive from Ghana to Burkina Faso, you will notice the landscape change from its vibrant green to patches of dry earth. As you visit Burkina’s charming capital city, Ouagadoudou you will notice the Sudanic and Islamic influences; you will visit the diverse West African wildlife at Pendjari National Park as well as see a bit of Ouaga’s country side.
UNESCO Heritage Sites
To understand the present is to appreciate the past. More and more discerning travellers are taking the road less travelled. Choosing sites known as world heritage sites to add profound meaning and wonder to their travel experience. UNESCO world heritage sites represents attractions that are of outstanding value to humanity and are considered as belonging to all the world. Being at the sites in Mali transports you into another era at the height of the Songhai Empire. Climbing down the Bandiagra Cliff, allows you to relate to the ancient Dogon people who brilliantly built their homes camouflaged from danger. Sink your feet in the magical Timbuktu desert as you experience how others travelled this terrain on camelback. Delight in the 800 year old vivacious city of Djenne, the most beautiful in the Sahel with its mud buildings and Sudanic architecture. Remarkable mud tower houses also dominate Koutammakou in northern Togo and the slave castles in Ghana take you on a journey that unveils the story of the slave trade and the effects that are still with us today.
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