We invite you to join us on an unforgettable journey to West Africa;

a land rich in history, culture, where people are noted for their warmth, friendliness and hospitality.

Visit virgin beaches, historical sites, bustling markets, amazing wildlife parks and forest reserves.

Come, experience cultural drumming and dancing that will touch your very soul in it’s intensity.

Come, relax, enjoy and have the experience of a life time.

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Stuweb Travels brings you greetings from Ghana, the land of gold and rich cultural heritage. To discover Ghana is to discover a unique destination in Africa whether you want to visit our castles, forest zone which is suitable for eco-tourism, our national parks or treks through traditional villages each day will become a new different and exciting experience. Much of the attention on its hospitality, natural reserves, unique cultural traditional art and craft and the remains of the slave trade.

Ghana is blessed with the most assessable rain forest in the world. At Kakum National Park, there is a canopy-walk way that takes tourist 30metres high above sea level or rain forest. Finally, Mole National Park is an ideal area for safari tours and wild life.

Ghana's warm climate nourishes a vast harvest of fruits and vegetables that are complemented by an offshore and non fishing industry.

Formerly known as the Gold Coast, Ghana is famous for being the first country in black Africa to gain independence. Well known for its friendly people and rich, colorful culture it has recently been known as the gateway to Africa. It certainly is a wonderful first port of call as it embodies many of the good things Africa is famous for. 
Ghana Cultural Tour
Akwaaba - Welcome to Ghana, ’The gateway and Heart of West Africa’. We invite you to join us on an unforgettable journey into a land rich in history, tradition and culture - a land whose people are noted for their warmth, friendliness and hospitality. From the legendary Ashanti Kingdom of gold to the vibrant streets of Accra, Ghana’s capital, you will see unspoilt virgin beaches, historical sites steeped in sad, inhumane histories, bustling markets overflowing with exquisite arts and crafts. You will experience cultural drumming and dancing that will touch your very soul in its intensity. Ghana’s history stretches almost 2000 years, to the riches of the ancient Ghana Empire. Abundant trade in gold, ivory, salt and kola nuts existed between Ghana and other African states and this eventually led Europeans to the shores of Africa and to the country known as the Gold Coast. Come, relax and enjoy Ghana’s culture, beauty and warmth.
Eco Volta Adventure  
Whether it is conquering the heights of Mount Afadjato, the highest mountain in West Africa; viewing the verdant terrain below or swimming in the sparkling stream and viewing the breathtaking Wli Waterfall cascading from above, Ghana has got the eco bite! Your Eco Volta tour will take you to Kakum National Park, the most noted rainforest in West Africa. Experience the spectacular views of the rainforest as you cross the 100 feet high canopy walkway. This walkway is one of only five of its kind in the world. The park is a prime location to view birds such as the African hornbill. In 1993 a butterfly hitherto unknown to the world of science was discovered at the park. As you travel north you will be delighted by a festival of butterflies at Bobiri Butterfly sanctuary, so have your cameras ready to capture this exciting scene. You will also visit Aburi Botanical Gardens in the Akwapim mountains and at Shai Hills, view West Africa’s savannah animals; antelopes, bushbucks, kobs, baboons and monkeys.
Northern Eco Adventure  
The exciting Northern Eco Adventure Tour is the perfect tour for the adventurous animal lover; it takes you the length of the country and passes through the town of Kintampo, located at the very center of Ghana. You will visit Kumasi, Ghana’s second largest city and seat of the Ashanti Empire. The regal history of the Ashanti’s dates back to 1700 and is told with relics and artifacts. Journey through the savannah zone to Mole National Park where you will go on a walking safari to view elephants, antelopes, waterbucks, baboons, monkeys and many more of West Africa’s game. Here you will see elephants up close and personal. Visit the nearby village of Larabanga which is home to the oldest mosque in Ghana. It is the only structure in the country with Sudanic architecture. At the outskirts of the village is the mystery Larabanga Stone. It is believed that whenever this stone is removed from its original and current location, it always returns back to the site.
Tribal Homelands 
Beautiful and fierce, seductive and spiritual, natural and rugged; West Africa is full of exciting contrasts. The Tribal Homelands tour packs so much in just two weeks, to give you the experience of a lifetime. Your journey begins in warm, friendly Ghana and continues to traditional Burkina Faso, unconquered Niger, enigmatic Togo and fascinating Benin. The Tribal Homelands Tour includes an array of interests and features the culture of several ethnic groups. This tour offers you the opportunity to view the diverse West African wildlife at Pendjari National Park. Visit attractions earmarked as UNESCO heritage sites and capital cities on their ladder of modern development as Africa begins its renaissance. You will visit Natitingou and Parakou, places very few people have heard of and the intensity of your sense of wonder will stay with you for a long time.
Forts and Castles 
The 46 Forts and Castles along West Africa are evidence of Europe's (Portuguese, Dutch, Britain, Germany, Danes and Swedes) strong interest in attaining gold, ivory and African slaves from the continent. Ghana has the largest number of these structures; 26 in all and more than half are still standing today. On this tour you will have an opportunity to visit the forts and castles in the Central and Western regions. Cape Coast and Elmina castles along with Fort St. Jago have been officially designated World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. After visiting the UNESCO sites you will continue to the Western Region to visit Fort Metal Cross at Dixcove and Fort Appolonia at Beyin, Fort Orange at Sekondi and Fort Sebastien at Shama. You will learn who built these forts and castles and why. You will also learn how they were used and their relationship with the local people in the area.
Tropical Adventure 
If you want to get away from it all, Ghana’s Tropical Adventure Tour is just what you need. Combining relaxation by pristine beaches on the Atlantic Ocean with activities that add pizzazz to your holiday, you will return home completely rejuvenated. In Accra you will explore the 128 year old capital city with its blend of colonial and modern architecture. You will enjoy a cruise on the Lake Volta, the largest man made lake in the world. The cruise presents you with a splendid opportunity to view the scenic and striking landscape of the undulating Akwapim-Togo mountain range as you dance to the sounds of Ghanaian highlife music. In Ada on the Volta estuary you will enjoy a variety of water sports. “Relaxation” is the keynote for this tour and your time at Busua Beach will provide you with the perfect location to unwind. This is your allotted time to absorb the beautiful, natural surroundings and to distress. Time to savor the moment.
Sun and Fun (Best Value) 
This is a tour for the economical travelers; here is a tour for those who desire a change of scenery, along with a taste of Ghanaian cuisine and hospitality. During this tour you will be get to visit one of the notorious Slave Castles in Ghana, you will also have fun trying your feet at the 100 km treetop canopy walkway in Kakum National Park. This tour gives you the desired opportunity of lounging at the pristine beaches of West Africa or by your hotel poolside. So come and enjoy this Sun and Fun filled tour.
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