We invite you to join us on an unforgettable journey to West Africa;

a land rich in history, culture, where people are noted for their warmth, friendliness and hospitality.

Visit virgin beaches, historical sites, bustling markets, amazing wildlife parks and forest reserves.

Come, experience cultural drumming and dancing that will touch your very soul in itís intensity.

Come, relax, enjoy and have the experience of a life time.

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Volunteers pay fees to cover the following cost

  1. Administrative expenses on documentation, program quality assurance, projects supervisor’s charges, outreach and advertising, staff support.
  2. Airport meeting and pickup.
  3. Feeding and accommodation maintenance with a host family, i.e. electricity, gas, and other utility expenses.
  4. Supply of well treated and hygienically packaged water,
  5. Provision of a cellular phone service, i.e. a chip from a telephone service provider for you to slot into your GSM phone.
  6. Supply of mosquito preventive nets
  7. Supply of flashlight
  8. Support and maintenance for projects.
  9. Emergency relief service for a volunteer in time of need.

The fee to be paid by a volunteer depends on the length of stay. It is not dependent on the choice of program. Comparatively, we offer the widest volunteer support services than any other voluntary organization in the country. You are also well assured of our quality and reliable services.

Length of stay 
Total Fee
2 weeks
$900 US
3 weeks
$1'025 US
4 weeks
$1'150 US
5 weeks
$1'275 US
6 weeks
$1'400 US
7 weeks
$1'525 US
8 weeks
$1'650 US
10 weeks
$1'900 US
12 weeks
$2'150 US

The programme fees do not cover

  1. Transportation to and from your home airport
  2. Air travel cost to and from Ghana
  3. Holiday to places and events of interest.
  4. Insurance cover (you need to purchase one)
  5. Expenses on meals and drinks from restaurants during outings

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